Golf Events

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Tournaments at Lake Monticello

Lake Monticello Golf Club would like to host your next tournament. To begin planning your golf tournament, please contact, Mark Marshall by calling 434-589-3075 or email [email protected].

A member of our professional staff will contact you in the coming days and answer all your questions.

Days and Times Availability

Tournaments may be held any day of the week. Availability is based on the number of golfers, starting times and other scheduled events.

Confirmation and Minimum

A $200.00 deposit holds the tournament date on the golf calendar. There is a 40-player minimum to have an event.

Tournament Package Includes

Each tournament will receive professional services to include: printed carts signs, personalized scorecards, rules sheets, scoreboard, and scoring. Practice balls will be provided prior to play.

Food and Beverage

Lake Monticello's new Fairway clubhouse has opened at the golf course. We offer full dining service along with a full bar, which can be customized for your event. You can view the menu HERE.

Golf Calendar

Upcoming Events

February Event Start
27 3- Club Championship 10am Shotgun
March Event Start
13 Saint Patricks Tournament 10am Shotgun
20 Peggy Kirk Bell Round 1 10am Starting Times
21 Peggy Kirk Bell Round 2 10am Starting Times
30 Greens Aeration 9 Holes Closed
31 Greens Aeration 9 Holes Closed
April Event Start
3 1st Annual Peggy Robertson Memorial Tournament 1pm Shotgun Start
10 Black and Blue 9am Shotgun
7 Masters Par-3 Tournament Make your own T-Time
9 Masters Pro-am Make your own T-Time before 2pm
May Event Start
1-8 Match Play Qualifying Make your own T-Time 
6 Jefferson League host Farmington 9am Shotgun
10-16 Match Play Round 1  Make your own T-Time
14 Wine Whiskey & Wedges 5 pm
20 Jefferson League host Lake of the Woods 10am Shotgun
17-23 Match Play Round 2 Make your own T-Time
22 Faulconer Invitational Round 1 8am Starting Times
23 Faulconer Invitational Round 2 8am Starting Times
24-30 Match Play Round 3 Make your own T-Time
31-June 6 Match Play Finals Make your own T-Time
June Event Start
8 Senior Golfers of Virginia 9am Shotgun
10 Senior Travelers host Glenmore 9am Shotgun
12 Men's Member-Guest 8:30am Shotgun
13 Men's Member-Guest 8:30am Shotgun
1 Women's Golf Day All Day
19 Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue 8am Shotgun
19 Lake Monticello Fire & Rescue Tourn. 8 am Shotgun
25 Driving to Margaritaville 5 pm
28 First Citizens Junior Tour 11am T-Time
July Event Start
3 Red-White & Blue Make your own T-Time
8 Senior Travelers host Orchard Creek 9am Shotgun
29 Senior Travelers host Birdwood 9am Shotgun
31 Member-Member Round 1 8:30am Starting times
August Event Start
1 Member-Member Round 2 8:30am Starting times
2 Worlds Largest Golf Outing  
5 Jefferson League host Greene Hills 9am Shotgun
14 Championship Weekend 9am Starting Times
15  Championship Weekend 9am Starting Times
19 Senior Travelers host Stoney Creek 9am Shotgun
22 Saint Peter and Paul Tournament 1:00pm Shotgun
28 Couples Championship 9:30 Starting Times
September Event Start
19 J.D. Dickinson Memorial 1pm Shotgun
26 Phil Browning Memorial 1pm Shotgun
27 Fluvanna HS Hosts Regional Golf Tournament 11am Starting Times
October Event Start
3 American Legion Golf Tournament 1pm Shotgun
4 Greens Aeration 9-Holes closed
5 Greens Aeration 9-Holes closed
10 2-Person Member Scramble 9am Shotgun
23 Member-Member 9am Tee Times
24 Member-Member 9am Tee Times
November Event Start
TBA Monticello Cup 9am Tee Times