Ashlawn Tennis Court Membership

2022 Online Application for Ashlawn Court Membership

Annual Ashlawn Court Memberships are authorized by the Board of Directors of the Lake Monticello Owners' Association. The following regulations and policies apply to an Annual Court Membership.


Ashlawn Memberships are established by the Board of Directors to provide court privileges at a fixed pre-paid fee.


Applications for Court Memberships are available at the Business Office and at the Association’s website Acceptance of the application is subject to the member being in good standing.


Court members are to abide by all LMOA Policies and Rules and Regulations pertaining to the court established by the Board of Directors.

Members shall be responsible for all debts and acts by their spouse, dependent children and their guests. Membership accounts must remain current.


When a membership is issued the conditions MAY NOT be set aside or changed. When applicable, refunds may be granted (see REFUNDS below). If a member account is past due, court privileges will be suspended until such time the account is current.


The failure of an Ashlawn Member to comply with LMOA Rules and Regulations may result in temporary suspension of the court membership.


Refunds and cancellations will be issued in accordance with LMOA Policy 18.02. Refunds will not be considered if a membership is suspended, if the member no longer wishes to utilize the membership, or if the member moves from Lake Monticello.

Must maintain 10’ feet of distance
Up to 48 occupants inside the fence
No gatherings of groups
Players should not loiter
Wearing a face mask or covering for players interacting within close proximity is recommended
Players are required to bring their own water, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes
Players should sanitize after touching high touch areas of the courts
The ball machine will not be available for use
Benches will be available for use; please disinfect after use
Members will utilize the lock system currently in place as normal
Each player brings their own balls that are marked with their initials, and only touch their own balls during play
Doubles Play is permitted on the same side of the court with social distancing of 10' and/or members of the same household