Social Associate Membership

Social Associate Membership

2023 Social Associate Membership Application

Return your application to the Member Services Team at the Ashlawn Clubhouse. Feel free to speak with a representative by calling 434-589-8263 or email [email protected].

Social Associate Memberships are authorized annually by the Board of Directors of the Lake Monticello Owners' Association. The following regulations and policies apply to a Social Associate Membership. Policy Manual 20.01


An Associate Membership is a class of membership established by the Board of Directors which provides use of specific amenities without being an owner of a residential building lot in Lake Monticello. An Associate Member is not a voting member of the Association. Members of an Associate Member's family (spouse and dependent children who reside with the Associate Member) have the same privileges as the Associate Member. Associate Memberships are issued for one calendar year from the date of payment.

Fee Schedule HERE