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The Lake Life

The Lake Life

What is the secret to fully enjoying the Lake Life? It is going to bed at night knowing the association you bought into is debt-free. We are all owners who share a proactive approach to making Lake Monticello a better place to live, not just for our individual properties but for the assets of the community too. At Lake Monticello, you can immerse yourself in nature, energize with neighborhood friends, and create memories that last a lifetime, resting assured that the Lake Monticello Owners' Association is healthy.

As a Member of the Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (homeowner), you pay a small premium to live in a relaxed neighborhood that is entirely unique. The wooded areas, over 4,000 homes of diverse styles and sizes, and a broad mix of age groups make Lake Monticello feel less like a gated community and more like your hometown. Whether your idea of fun is unwinding in nature or connecting with your neighbors, you’ll find there is space to have both.

Membership gives you access to:

  • Boating and fishing on Lake Monticello
  • Access to the Marina, boat launches, slips, and racks
  • Swimming at five beaches and access to the pool
  • Access to the golf course
  • Multiple playgrounds, basketball courts, pickleball, and tennis courts
  • Walking track and ball field
  • Park and Walk paths through quiet community streets
  • Two equipped clubhouses for public and private events
  • Access to The Pub dining and catering
  • Association-sponsored events that engage members in a variety of community activities

Just bought a home? Congratulations! Visit the Home Buyers tab to register.


Become a Social Associate Member

  2024 Social Associate Membership Application

If you live in the area and would like to enjoy access to many of our amenities, you are welcome to apply for a Social Associate Membership. Please submit the form above. A full overview of privileges and restrictions can be found on the form. Please be aware that only homeowners can register a boat on Lake Monticello. An additional pool and racquet sports courts membership are also available to Social Associate Members. 

Enjoy Our Courts

  2024 Online Application for Ashlawn Court Membership

Read the application and explore the opportunity to purchase a courts membership. If you are comfortable with the privileges and obligations that apply, complete the application and join today!